Trip Index

Pt I: Prologue
Pt II: World Cup Tickets [Planning]
Pt III: Route & Air tickets [Planning]
Pt IV: Visas [Planning]
Pt V: Vaccinations [Planning]


Tokyo, Japan

Pt I: SQ 634 SIN-HND [Flight]
Pt II: Hotel MyStays Inaricho [Accommodation]
Pt III: Day in Tokyo [Sightseeing]
Pt IV: Getting to NRT and ANA Lounge [Transportation]
Pt V: Cost Summary [Cost]

United States

Los Angeles, USA

Pt I: SQ 12 NRT – LAX [Flight]
Pt II: Hertz Car Rental & T-Mobile SIM card [Practicalities]
Pt III: Holiday Inn Express West Los Angeles [Accommodation]
Pt IV: Warner Brothers VIP Tour [Activity]
Pt V: In search of Hollywood [Sightseeing]
Pt VI: Santa Monica [Sightseeing]
Pt VII: Walt Disney Concert Hall (& Environs) [Sightseeing]
Pt VIII: Angels v Royals [Activity]
Pt IX: In-N-Out Burger [Dining]
Pt X: Driving in LA [Transportation]
Pt XI: DL 2155 LAX – ATL [Flight]
Pt XII: Cost Summary [Cost]


Machu Picchu, Peru

Pt I: DL 151 ATL – LIM [Flight]
Pt II: LA 2025 LIM – CUZ [Flight]
Pt III: Picaflor Tambo [Accommodation]
Pt IV: Ollantaytambo [Sightseeing]
Pt V: Getting to Machu Picchu [Transportation]
Pt VI: Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu [Sightseeing]
Pt VII: Aguas Calientes [Sightseeing]
Pt VIII: Nice Room near the main square in Cusco [Accommodation]
Pt IX: Chilling in Cusco [Sightseeing]
Pt X: Cusco to Puno on Wonder Peru [Transportation & Sightseeing]
Pt XI: Hostel Titiutapuno [Accommodation]
Pt XII: Uros Island [Sightseeing]
Pt XIII: Puno [Sightseeing]
Pt XIV: Cost Summary [Cost]


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Pt I: Puno to La Paz via Copacabana [Transport]
Pt II: LANDSCAPE B&B Home – Room #1 [Accommodation]
Pt III: Walking Tour of La Paz [Sightseeing]
Pt IV: Z8 300 LPB – UYU [Flight]
Pt V: Salar de Uyuni [Sightseeing]
Pt VI: Cost Summary [Cost]


San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Pt I: La Casa EcoExplor [Accommodation]
Pt II: San Pedro de Atacama [Sightseeing]
Pt III: Cycling to Valle de la Luna [Sightseeing]
Pt IV: El Tatio Geysers [Sightseeing]
Pt V: SPA to Salta via Paso Jama [Transport]
Pt VI: Cost Summary [Cost]


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pt I: Private Room Family House w/brkfast [Accommodation]
Pt II: Car Rental & Dolar Blue [Practicalities]
Pt III: Salta to Cachi [Road Trip]
Pt IV: Hosteria Villa Cardon [Accommodation]
Pt V: Cachi & Ashpamanta [Sightseeing and Dining]
Pt VI: Ruta 40 [Road Trip]
Pt VII: Hotel Killa [Accommodation]
Pt VIII: Cafayate [Sightseeing]
Pt IX: Piattelli Vineyard [Sightseeing]
Pt X: Ruta 68 [Road Trip]
Pt XI: 4M 4113 SLA-AEP [Flight]
Pt XII: Hip 2br apt at HEART of San Telmo [Accommodation]
Pt XIII: South Circuit Tour with BA Bikes [Sightseeing]
Pt XIV: Tombs and Tango [Sightseeing]
Pt XV: Boca [Sightseeing]
Pt XVI: Argentina vs Bosnia-Hercegovina [Activity]
Pt XVII: Food of Buenos Aires [Dining]
Pt XVIII: Random Buenos Aires [Sightseeing]
Pt XIX: 4M 4022 AEP-IGR [Flight]
Pt XX: Iguazรบ [Sightseeing]
Pt XXI: Cost Summary [Cost]


Pt I: Day in Colonia del Sacremento [Sightseeing]


Pt I: Private double room with breakfast [Accommodation]
Pt II: Dining in Foz do Iguaรงu [Dining]
Pt III: Iguaรงu [Sightseeing]
Pt IV: JJ 3186 IGU-GIG [Flight]
Pt V: Cozy DoubleRoom with Street View/TV [Accommodation]
Pt VI: Rio Free Walking Tour [Sightseeing]
Pt VII: Copacabana & FIFA Fan Fest [Activity]
Pt VIII: Cristo Redentor [Sightseeing]
Pt IX: FIFA World Cup Match: Belgium vs Russia [Activity]
Pt X: Food of Rio [Dining]
Pt XI: Random Rio [Sightseeing]
Pt XII: JJ 3687 GIG-GRU [Flight]
Pt XIII: ET 507 GRU-LFW-ADD [Flight]
Pt XIV: Cost Summary [Cost]

Pt I: HARAR at Lucy Guest House [Accommodation]
Pt II: Addis Ababa [Sightseeing]
Pt III: ET 626 ADD-BKK-SIN [Flights]
Pt IV: Cost Summary [Cost]

Pt I: Cost Summary [Cost]
Pt II: Thoughts [Reflection]


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