Brazil Pt XI: Random Rio

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This post will document the random stuff in Rio that are not covered in the other posts.


Brazil is the birthplace of Havaianas so naturally the cost is much cheaper than in Singapore. Furthermore, there are lots more designs and different types of customisation are available.

However, different shops set different prices for the same pair of slippers. It pays to shop around and we discovered that the shops around Uruguaiana were cheaper than those at Copacabana.

The place where we found the cheapest Havaianas – near Uruguaiana metro station

Put my new pair to immediate test at Copacabana beach


Metro was our primarily mode of transport around Rio and each trip cost 3.50 BRL regardless of distance traveled. During the World Cup, there were many signs to guide the users to get to Maracanã stadium.

Rio Metro

Rules on the train

Overpaid US$450 million of public spending – that’s one expensive stadium

Lapa Street Party

Our host offered to bring us to Lapa street party which took place on Friday and Saturday evenings. There were thousands of people out having fun and it was an eye-opening experience for us.

Raizza lamented that the vendors were charging “World Cup price” for the drinks due to the gringoes and it was usually much cheaper to have a fun night out. Nevertheless, we still decided to try caipirinha, Brazilian national drink.

The usual precaution applies here. Beware of pickpockets and don’t wander off to deserted places.

Lapa street party

Lapa street party

Yummy passionfruit caipirinha (15 BRL)

Xtudo – Comfort food after partying


Ying had a colleague who used to live in Brazil and she asked her if it was possible to bring back some bacalhau. We searched online to find where to get it and it brought us to Casas Pedro.

There were quite a few types on offer and we bought two different types for Ying’s colleague. We managed to communicate with the staff to pack them in such a way that we had no issue while flying with them. The experience felt like going the dried goods stalls in Singapore.

Casas Pedro

Bacalhau on offer

Packing bacalhau

Seen on the streets

Somehow I felt more apprehensive taking pictures in Brazil when compared to Argentina. Perhaps our Malaysian friends’ experience of being nearly mugged had an impact on us.

Shrek & co featured in Visa ad

Phone booth as advertising space

Street art


Christ the Redeemer seen from Gloria


Argentina Pt XVIII: Random Buenos Aires

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The photos that didn’t make it to the rest of the BA posts.

Celebrating our arrival at BA with Stella and Lays

Graffiti in San Telmo

Open 25 hours

Tribute to Amy Winehouse

Cool graffiti


Reminded me of Argentine flag

Waiting at junction

Training ground

Couldn’t recall what prompted me to take the photo – the queue or the ad








Man Utd vs Boca Juniors


Fairy tale

Boca family





Magazine stand

San Telmo weekend market

Amazing lady creating music with recycled materials – show her the money!