Brazil Pt XIV: Cost Summary

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Brazil was the most expensive country of the trip; we spent nearly 1300 SGD each for our 6 days there.

Brazil cost

Cost breakdown

Average cost/person/day: 72.92 SGD

Accommodation took up one-third of our cost in Brazil and it was mainly due to our accommodation in Rio. World Cup was the peak period and we were actually quite lucky to find a rather reasonably-priced place in a convenient neighbourhood.

Average cost/person/day: 51.94 SGD

The greatest expenditure was the World Cup ticket which was 175 USD each. Both Iguaçu National Park (49.52 BRL) and Christ the Redeemer (51 BRL) aren’t cheaper either and added to the activities’ cost.

Air ticket
We were lucky to get the domestic flight between IGU and GIG for 140 USD. World Cup was the peak travel period around Brazil and the price was more than doubled when I checked closer to the travel date.

Average cost/person/day: 25.90 SGD

Self-catering helped us save quite a bit of money and the places that we ate in weren’t particularly posh places. The food bill still came up to be almost 26 SGD per day though.

Average cost/person/day: 10.93 SGD

Relied on public transportation in Brazil mostly (bus in Foz do Iguaçu and metro in Rio) and we only took cabs to and from the airports.


Havaianas and bacalhaus!


Brazil Pt XIII: ET 507: GRU-LFW-ADD

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We found the check-in counters for Ethiopian and discovered that a long queue had already formed. We would spend more than almost 40 minutes in it.

Long queue to check-in

Flags of the countries participating in World Cup

All you need is Ecuador

With so much time waiting in the queue, I checked out the other co-passengers in the queue. It seemed that people of African descent made up around a third to half of the people on the flights and there were plenty of Asians and Caucasians around. Africa does have the potential to be hub for travel between South America and Asia.

Where we belonged

Sorry for the blur pic – security on Segway

There were several entrepreneurial Brazilian girls who went around the long queue to sell World Cup-themed keychains and surprisingly quite a few tourists bought from them.

Pretty brisk sales

The check-in agent clearly had a tough day but he still tried his best to do his job. He seemed surprised that we would spend a few days in Addis Ababa before continuing our journey back to Singapore.

After going through the immigration, we still had some time before boarding and headed to Proair Sala VIP lounge, a Priority Pass lounge.

Proair VIP Lounge

The staff wasn’t really happy when she made a mistake by charging both entries to Ying’s card but she remedied it on the spot. The WiFi was also broken during our time of visit.

Limited food on offer

We were famished since we only had some light snacks at GIG and both of us were glad that we had some free food before the flight.

Our dinner

Sitting area

Coffee machine – out of order

Surprised to find Sunday Times half the world away

We left the lounge half an hour before departure time.

Departures from GRU

Boarding pass

I was little sad that the scheduled 788 flight was replaced by a 772. It was probably due to the higher demand during the World Cup season.

ET-ANN bringing us to ADD

The boarding took really long due to the extra security. Before we could board the plane, we were made to line up in a single file and leave our bags on the floor. Then the security guys would bring a dog to sniff through our belongings before giving us the all-clear to board. We overheard a passenger of African background remarked to the Brazilian couple in front him about how rude the security guys were and the Brazilians agreed with him.

Flight: Ethiopian ET 507
Depart: São Paulo–Guarulhos (GRU) – 00:05
Arrive: Lome (LFW) – 10:50
Duration: 7h20m
Distance: 3,818 miles (6,145 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Registration: ET-ANN (The Blue Nile)
Seat: 14A

View from 14A

Welcome screen

Seat control

In-flight magazine and safety information card

Goodbye South America

Message from CEO

ET route map

What’s on

There was a full meal served after taking off and we chose chicken with rice.

Full meal

Both Ying and I were amazed with the rudeness of the crew. No one smiled and when Ying informed the crew about her choice of drinks, she was met with a pair of rolling eyes and a firm ‘no’. Apparently the SOP was to serve the food first before taking drink orders. We were terrified of the crew and didn’t dare to make any request the entire flight.

The Brazilian guy in front got it worse; his special meal wasn’t loaded and after looking through the manifest, the crew sternly told him to remember to order it next time. To the passenger’s credit, he just shrugged and went back to sleep.

It would be a looooong flight

I fall asleep after the meal and woke up when there was daylight outside.


I couldn’t tell where I was because the flight data was unavailable.

Flight data unavailable

Breakfast was served while the IFE was being fixed. The crew’s attitude didn’t improve at all.

The scary crew serving our aisle

Breakfast – potato, mushroom and tomatoes

We are back in GRU?! Shucks

Not exactly. We were flying along the coast of Africa.


Ethiopian Eats for our time in Addis Ababa

Some West African coastal city

Low clouds


Lome seemed dusty from the sky.

Abandoned planes?


An Ethiopian Cargo 737

Left to decay

Making sure that the plane was properly parked


New terminal a few hundred meters away


Bus for passengers

Only passengers whose boarding passes indicated Lome as their destination could disembark and there were quite a few of them. It wasn’t surprising as LFW is the hub of ASKY, a Ethiopian Airlines’ subsidiary. I believed that quite a number of them would be connecting to other destinations in West Africa.

Passengers finally disembarking

A guy who was supposed to travel to Addis Ababa decided that he wanted to get off at Lome and caused some commotion. Took quite a while to placate him and he was eventually allowed to go after making some payment. It was all very strange.

ASKY’s 734 – all of its aircraft are leased from ET

Passengers joining us from Lome to Addis Ababa

Another ASKY’s plane

Another inconsiderate passenger

A positive aspect of this layover was that the set of crew from hell were replaced by a much more pleasant set. Another long flight with them would be quite unbearable.

Flight: Ethiopian ET 507
Depart: Lome (LFW) – 12:00
Arrive: Lome (LFW) – 20:35
Duration: 5h35m
Distance: 2,581 miles (4,154 km)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Registration: ET-ANN (The Blue Nile)
Seat: 14A

Got a few shots of Lome during the ascent.


Lome beach


The new set of crew came along with some snacks.

Airplane-themed snakcs


The 5.5 hour flight time allowed me to finish two movies and I watched Out of Inferno and Kai Po Che. Quite interesting to watch Mandarin and Hindi movies on an African airline.

Out of Inferno

Kai Po Che

Dinner was served pretty early and I chose to have fish.

Dinner – Fish I think

While waiting for the washroom after the meal, I noticed that some young Brazilian boys were chatting up a very friendly crew. The boys were heading to Sweden for a football tournament and it seemed that Ethiopian was the cheapest option. The difference between the first set and the second set of crew was really heaven and hell.

Almost there

Ying and I decided to visit the washroom before landing and we struck up a conversation with a friendly male crew. He told us that he had flown to Singapore once and was really impressed with the city. He was very happy to find out that we would be spending some time in Addis Ababa and gave us some useful tips for the city.

We got a remote gate and had to disembark through stairs. After around 14 hours on the plane, we were glad to be on ground again. We were also excited to be in Africa for the first time.

~14 hours after leaving Brazil

The bus brought us to the terminal and we had to make a long walk to the immigration. Midway through, we were asked to show our boarding pass to the security personnels.

There was a long queue at the immigration as there were quite a few flights arriving at around the same time. I spotted some really exotic passports (Niger, Mauritania and Sudan etc) while in the queue. While it took some time for me to get stamped in, interestingly the immigration official didn’t ask for my yellow fever certificate.

Waiting for our bags

Sao Paulo is probably the least exotic destination

While Ying waited at for the bags, I went to the moneychangers to get some Ethiopian Birrs (ETB). 100 USD got us 1955 ETB and we would change another 50 USD later on during the stay.

When passing through the customs, a security person was there to make sure that our bags’ tags matched the receipts. It would take almost an hour after landing before we got out of the airport.

Brazil Pt XII: JJ 3687 GIG-GRU

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After more than three weeks in South America, we would head home from Rio. Ethiopian offered the cheapest flight back to Singapore (915.80 USD) and after they canceled the flight between Rio and São Paulo, they put us on a TAM flight.

We bid farewell to our host and headed to the airport after the end of the earlier matches at 3pm. Brazil’s final group match would kick off at 5pm and we were slightly worried about the availability of taxis during that. Luckily we got a taxi pretty easily and the ride there cost 50 BRL.

TAM Check-in counters at Terminal 2

Despite our early arrival, we were able to check in our bag and get our boarding passes. The agent was also able to add our frequent flyer number (Malaysia Airlines Enrich) to our booking.

Havaianas on sale

There would be a live screening on the air-side and we went through the security really early.

Glued to the screen

Brazil beat Cameroon easily and halfway through the match we decided to explore more of the terminal.


Official fan shop with expensive merchandise

Sunset in GIG

Brazilian fans horsing around with accessories

We spent our remaining BRL on some snacks and waited out for our flight. It seemed that domestic gates could be turned into international gates with partitions; while we could visit the official fan shop during the match, we were blocked off later in the evening.

Flight: TAM JJ 3687
Depart: Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (GIG) – 20:45
Arrive: São Paulo–Guarulhos (GRU) – 21:55
Duration: 1h10m
Distance: 209 miles (336 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Registration: PR-MBA
Seat: 24F

Boarding was called by zone and we were able to board early.

View from 24F

Welcome World

Loading up the bags

Only service of the flight – pre-departure sweets

On the other side of the aisles, there were TAM GIG-based crew who were positioning to GRU for another (international?) flight. While none of the passengers got meals, the crew were only ones given hot meals during the flight.


Arriving at GRU – I could spot Etihad and United

Our checked bags arrived safely at the luggage claim and then we headed to find the check-in rows for our Ethiopian flight to Addis Ababa.

Kids posing with Fuleco

Heading up to Departures

Found Ethiopian

Brazil Pt XI: Random Rio

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This post will document the random stuff in Rio that are not covered in the other posts.


Brazil is the birthplace of Havaianas so naturally the cost is much cheaper than in Singapore. Furthermore, there are lots more designs and different types of customisation are available.

However, different shops set different prices for the same pair of slippers. It pays to shop around and we discovered that the shops around Uruguaiana were cheaper than those at Copacabana.

The place where we found the cheapest Havaianas – near Uruguaiana metro station

Put my new pair to immediate test at Copacabana beach


Metro was our primarily mode of transport around Rio and each trip cost 3.50 BRL regardless of distance traveled. During the World Cup, there were many signs to guide the users to get to Maracanã stadium.

Rio Metro

Rules on the train

Overpaid US$450 million of public spending – that’s one expensive stadium

Lapa Street Party

Our host offered to bring us to Lapa street party which took place on Friday and Saturday evenings. There were thousands of people out having fun and it was an eye-opening experience for us.

Raizza lamented that the vendors were charging “World Cup price” for the drinks due to the gringoes and it was usually much cheaper to have a fun night out. Nevertheless, we still decided to try caipirinha, Brazilian national drink.

The usual precaution applies here. Beware of pickpockets and don’t wander off to deserted places.

Lapa street party

Lapa street party

Yummy passionfruit caipirinha (15 BRL)

Xtudo – Comfort food after partying


Ying had a colleague who used to live in Brazil and she asked her if it was possible to bring back some bacalhau. We searched online to find where to get it and it brought us to Casas Pedro.

There were quite a few types on offer and we bought two different types for Ying’s colleague. We managed to communicate with the staff to pack them in such a way that we had no issue while flying with them. The experience felt like going the dried goods stalls in Singapore.

Casas Pedro

Bacalhau on offer

Packing bacalhau

Seen on the streets

Somehow I felt more apprehensive taking pictures in Brazil when compared to Argentina. Perhaps our Malaysian friends’ experience of being nearly mugged had an impact on us.

Shrek & co featured in Visa ad

Phone booth as advertising space

Street art


Christ the Redeemer seen from Gloria

Brazil Pt X: Food of Rio

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Food in Brazil was generally more expensive than Argentina’s. As we came towards the end of the trip, I got less adventurous and was really looking forward to the food back home.

Our Airbnb host recommended Braserinho for dinner and we decided to give it a try. It was a locals-only joint and it took us some time to order our food.


Decorated for World Cup


Ordered for two but the serving was enough for 4 (or more)

The food was quite good but there was too much meat for us. It cost 57.50 BRL, a fairly reasonable amount.

Juice stalls are ubiquitous in Rio and we decided to try açaí after the walking tour. It was an acquired taste but Ying grew to love it by the end of our stay in Brazil.

Mister Sucos

Açaí (7 BRL)

Random meal: Fish & chips with rice at Copacabana (31.80 BRL)

We discovered that there were Asian-operated shops selling fried noodles known as yakisoba. Ended up having it a few times.

Yakisoba (15 BRL)

I managed to know of a guy who was coming from Singapore to watch the World Cup and he was kind enough to bring us some Prima Taste laksa la mian. Thanks bro KV!

Laksa la mian with tomato omelette

Ying and I also tried pão de queijo for one breakfast. The taste was too cheesy for me.

Pão de queijo (4 BRL)

Brazil Pt IX: FIFA World Cup Match: Belgium vs Russia

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Belgium vs Russia

The primary motivation behind our trip to South America was to attend a FIFA World Cup match and we were lucky enough to get tickets for a match at Maracanã during the balloting process.


Our Malaysian friends were also watching the same match and we arranged to travel to the stadium together. The tickets came with transport instructions and we gave ourselves ample time by setting off two hours before kick-off.

Arriving at São Cristóvão station

Like the other fans, we followed the bright yellow signs directing us to the stadium.

Brazilian fans

Making our way to the stadium

Keep walking

Soon we came to the first checkpoint where security staff checked our tickets. We would stop for several more times before we got to the stadium.

Stadium in horizon

Felt like a carnival

As our Malaysian friends were sitting in a different section, we had to split with them.

Group photo before saying goodbye

Police mascots

Ticket offices

Stadium map

Queuing up to clear security

Russians ahead of us


Selfie sticks weren’t allowed in the stadium and we had to deposit ours with a steward.

Steward who would keep our selfie sticks for the match


Russian fans

Entrance to hospitality suites

To our seats

Both of us were awed with the stadium.


Finding our seats

Filling up

Teams warming up

Russians warming up

Belgians preferred to be in the shade

We noticed that other fans had the special edition Coca Cola cup for the match and with time to spare, we decided to get one each.

Half an hour to go

Queuing for food


Coca cola kiosk

No bottles allowed

When we returned, the atmosphere was electric.


Russian fans

Belgian contingent

The Belgians were definitely the favourite for the game as they boasted top players such as Vincent Company and Eden Hazard. In contrast, I didn’t know most of the Russian players and their manager Fabio Capello was probably more famous.

Teams coming out of tunnel

Belgian national anthem

Russian national anthem


The first half ended 0-0 and it was quite a boring match. Both sides were cautious and didn’t create any clear-cut chances.

Halftime wefie

Russian free kick

Mexican wave

73,819 fans

Getting nervous

Getting restless

Free kick to Belgium which came to nothing


With time running out, I told Ying that we might need to attend another World Cup match in order to witness our first goal. Then out of nowhere, Divock Origi scored with minutes remaining in the match.


Belgian celebration after Divock Origi’s goal

The Belgians went mental


The Belgians managed to hold on for the victory and the fans kept singing after the match.

The winning team walking over to their fans

Thanking the fans for their support

MOTM – Eden Hazard

We spotted some Singaporeans sitting in the same area as us and we approached them for photos. Turned out that one of them went to the same secondary school as me. It’s a small world after all!

Singaporeans in Rio

Getting out

Souvenirs for sale

Ain’t cheap

Many fans chose not to keep the cups and we went around to get them as souvenirs.

Full of cups

After collecting our selfie stick, we made our way back to our accommodation. Instead of going to São Cristóvão station, we went to São Francisco Xavier station instead.

World Cup winners 1958, 1962

Photo with Belgian fan

Police on horseback

Belgians dressed as bees

Patrick happy in his temporary home

While the match wasn’t the most exciting, the late goal lifted the atmosphere. Felt sorry for the Russians who was hanging on until then. At least they have the next World Cup to look forward to on their home soil.

Meanwhile, I am thinking if we should go to Euro 2016 in France…

Brazil Pt VIII: Cristo Redentor

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Christ the Redeemer

The Malaysian couple whom we met on the bus between Cuzco and Puno caught up with us in Rio and we arranged to visit the Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer together.

There were a few options to reach there; tram seemed to be the recommended way. However the tickets were sold out for the day that we were visiting and we decided that catching the bus from Largo do Machado metro station was the way to go.

While the ticket kiosk only opened at 9am, there was already a long queue formed up when we joined it at around 8.45am.

Queue to buy tickets

While waiting in the queue, our Malaysian friends were telling about their close shave the previous evening. They were almost mugged by a group of buys in the Cinelândia area but luckily they managed to make the run to a more crowded street. The policemen who were stationed there came to their rescue and escorted them back to their hotel after that. The experience kinda scarred them and I wasn’t surprised that they were hyper-vigilant about the surroundings from then on.

Front of the queue

The ticket and shuttle bus cost 51 BRL each and there was an option of paying with credit card.

After getting our tickets, we joined the queue for the shuttle bus which seemed to depart every 10-15 minutes. The ride up to would take almost 30 minutes and we were glad that we chose this option as there was minimal waiting (around 45 minutes at Largo do Machado) compared to the large queues at the tram station.

Rio below us

After getting off the bus and going through the ticket check, we would need to walk up a couple of escalators and stairs before reaching the platform. The platform was rather small and packed with visitors from all around the world, all trying to take photos of the statue.

Approach from behind the statue

The big guy



Patrick doing his best impression


High five

Perfect shirt for visit

The crowd


Sitting down gave you the best angle

Let me try…

Good visibility all round

More people are coming up


There wasn’t much to do/see beside taking photos and all of us were done in an hour. We were in the wrong shuttle bus queue for a while before realising that queue for the bus to Largo do Machado was much shorter. The ride back to Largo do Machado took around half an hour and we were done with the visit by noon.

Queuing up

The crowd kept getting bigger

Queue at Largo do Machado got longer too

We were glad that we chose to go by shuttle bus via Largo do Machado which shortened our waiting time considerably. For tourists who are staying at Copacabana, there’s an option of catching the shuttle buses from there.

Although Cristo Redentor was Rio’s landmark, this probably would be my only visit. There wasn’t anything interesting beside taking photographs of the statue and the entrance fee wasn’t cheap at 34 BRL. Since we had ticked it off our list, there are no incentives for us to visit it again.

Brazil Pt VII: Copacabana & FIFA Fan Fest

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After the walking tour and some shopping at downtown Rio, we hopped onto the metro and headed to Copacabana beach where FIFA Fan Fest in Rio was held.

Cardeal Arcoverde Station was the nearest station to the fan fest and the beach was three blocks away.


Welcome to Rio

Welcome to Copacabana Beach

Rio 2016

Although it was winter, it was warm enough to hit the beach.

Many vendors going around hawking their wares (taken next day)

Volleyball courts (taken next day)

Copacabana (taken next day)

Hmm… what were they shooting? (taken next day)

Beware of current (taken next day)

We would need to pass through the security to get inside the Fan Fest area and fortunately for us, the crowd wasn’t so bad on that day.

Entrance to FIFA Fan Fest

Other than catching the match, there were many pavilions set up by sponsors to provide freebies and entertainment for the fans.


Us lifting the cup

Queuing up for the short FIFA video narrated by Neymar Jr and Gerard Pique

Neymar Jr


Coca Cola pavilion

Temporary tattoo

Brazil of course

Flying fox sponsored by Sony – must be pretty lucky to get to try it

The game that decided if you could try the flying fox

For the kids

We caught the end of the exciting match between France and Switzerland before going around to check out more pavilions.

Happy to be there

Happy to be there

Not going to see this in Iran for sure

I’m a Brahma chopp

Ying’s a Brahma chopp too

FIFA Fan Experience

Trophy experience – didn’t go in due to the long queue

On our way out

We would revisit the fan fest again on our final night in Rio with our Airbnb host. It was much more crowded and I was glad that we had checked out the pavilions already. Portugal and USA played out an exciting 2-2 draw, ensuring qualification for the unfancied Americans.

Revisited it on our last night in Rio

Ying and I thoroughly enjoyed our experiences at the FIFA Fan Fest. While the criticism of it being overly commercialised was pretty valid, the atmosphere was still pretty awesome. It’s definitely something to be experienced first hand and it was the next-best alternative to catching a live match at the stadium.

Brazil Pt VI: Rio Free Walking Tour

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Rio Free Walking Tour

We thought that a walking tour would be a good idea to get ourselves acquainted with Rio de Janeiro. There are two free walking tour operators in Rio: Rio Free Walking Tour and Free Walkers Tour and we picked the former as it started earlier at 9.30am.

The starting point was at Cinelândia metro station, one stop away from our accommodation. We could have walked there if we wanted to.

Like what was mentioned on the website, the guides were at the meeting point with yellow shirts and umbrellas. Tours were offered in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Naturally we joined the English speaking tour led by Fabiana.

Guide for the day

After the usual introduction, Fabiana pointed out the different buildings around Cinelândia. Rio used to be the capital of Brazil so there were quite a few grand buildings dated back to the colonial era.

Theatro Municipal

Palace Pedro Ernesto – Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro

Then we headed towards Selaron Steps, passing by Passeio Público, the oldest public park in Brazil.

Entrance of Passeio Público

We made a right turn after the church which had only one bell tower. Apparently, to avoid paying more taxes, the church chose not to build the other tower so that it would remain incomplete.

Asymmetrical Irmandade Divino Espírito Santo da Lapa do Desterro

After Fabiana told us the story behind Selarón Steps, we spent some time taking photos of it. She warned us not to wander beyond the top of the stairs as the neighbourhood wasn’t really safe.

Lots of tourists

Obligatory picture


For the last World Cup


The next stop was Arcos da Lapa, built almost 300 years ago.

Arcos da Lapa

Not everyone’s fond of Blatter & Co.

We spent some time at a factory-turned-gallery where there were images of the transformation of Rio from its beginning in the 16th century to present time.


Evolution of Rio

Next up was Rio de Janeiro Cathedral, built during 1970s. While the brutalist-inspired exterior was pretty ugly to us, the interior was surprisingly nice.

Rio de Janeiro Cathedral

Nice stained glass


Jesus Christ

Reflection of Cathedral

Only one bell tower

We followed Fabiana through downtown Rio de Janeiro and she pointed out some of the buildings en-route.

Downtown Rio

Unique building


Convento de Santo Antônio

Rua Gonçalves Dias – felt European

There was a short stop at Confeitaria Colombo where we could have a snack and check out its interior.

Confeitaria Colombo

Inside the shop

The stuff ain’t cheap

The final stop of the tour was Paço Imperial, the former palace of Brazilian royalty. It wasn’t really grand by any standard and there was a small exhibition of the Portuguese and Brazilian kings who used to live there.

Inside the palace

Exhibition on Brazilian royal family


We also briefly checked out Traverssa do Comercio where there were a few eating places

The whole tour took more than three hours and covered quite a bit of downtown Rio de Janeiro. We were pretty satisfied with the tour and left a substantial tip for our guide.

To be honest, the area around Carioca seemed quite messy with many street vendors. While we didn’t feel threatened, we wouldn’t hang around the neighbourhood if we did not have business there.

Brazil Pt V: Cozy DoubleRoom with Street View/TV

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As we were visiting Rio during the peak period, we started our search for accommodation as soon as the flights were confirmed in December 2013. Hotels were ridiculously expensive so naturally we relied on Airbnb.

There are lots of Airbnb options in Rio de Janeiro but many hadn’t updated the prices for World Cup then. We shortlisted several options and started to contact the hosts. Raizza was among the first to reply and we wasted no time in booking her place for four nights. It wasn’t cheap at 180 SGD per night but nothing was cheap in Rio during World Cup.

Getting to the apartment was smooth. We ignored the touts and went to the Aerotaxi counter at GIG T1. The quotation given (59 BRL + 3.90 BRL for bag) seemed reasonable and after payment, we were led to a waiting taxi outside the terminal. The driver acknowledged that he knew where we wanted to go and we were soon on our way.

I hoped that he was watching the road instead of the game

Favelas in a distance

Entrance to the building – taken later in the evening

Raizza welcome us at her apartment with offers of beers. She also got us some World Cup souvenirs and this meant that we had no choice but to support Brazil for the tournament. 😀

Special World Cup gifts

The room looked exactly like what was depicted in the listing. The kitchen and the washing machine were also available for use.

Bed – apparently Raizza has upgraded it to a better one

TV in the room

Raizza even prepared a guide ‘Gloria 201’ for her guests and it has many useful information on navigating Rio. She also saved us the trouble of going to moneychangers as she wanted dollars for her upcoming trip. Win-win situation for both sides.

The apartment was located at a very good location and Lapa is less than ten minutes’ away by foot. Raizza and her friend João even volunteered to bring us along to check out Lapa on Friday night. Glória metro station is just round the corner and it took us less than 30 minutes to reach Copacabana. We would also visit the FIFA Fan Fest with her on Sunday evening.

Us at Lapa

At FIFA Fan Fest

It was really a fun stay and we enjoyed ourselves staying at Raizza’s. We definitely made the right choice of accommodation at Rio de Janeiro!

Go Brasil!