Ethiopia Pt I: HARAR at Lucy Guest House

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Lucy Guest House Entrance

Pick-up was provided free of charge by Lucy Guest House. As I had some credit with Airbnb, I decided to book a two-night stay with them and we paid 53 SGD per night.

There was no one there to meet us when we exited in the ADD’s arrivals area. Feeling lost, we decided to approach a girl at the kiosk for help. She was kind enough to call our guesthouse and it turned out that they were only allowed to wait for us at the carpark.

The guest house was only five minutes’ drive away from the airport and we were there in no time. Although we had booked the room Harar, we were given Lalibela.

The room was large and we had plenty of space to spread our stuff.


Wardrobe and TV

While we had a TV, we couldn’t change the channels. It was hooked up to the cable TV in the reception area and we had to watch whatever the staff was watching. I wasn’t impressed.

The bathroom wasn’t designed cleverly. There was no shower curtain and the entire place would get wet after shower.


There were also issues with the water heater and I believed that it caused the electricity to trip several times. I learned that it would be wise not to let the water run for too long.


Breakfasts were included in the rate and it was quite nice.

Breakfast – Omelette, toast, jam and smoothies

Breakfast view

The staff were all very friendly and obliging and they even allowed us to use their kitchen to cook dinner. We had no issue asking them to get taxis for us and when we ran out of Birrs, we exchanged another 50 USD with them.


As our flight back to SIN departed in the evening, we decided to pay for an additional day of use. It was a good decision as we could rest and shower after a day out. The staff were accommodating and allowed us to pay with the combination of our remaining Ethiopian Birrs and US dollars.

Location-wise it was really near to the airport and we could walk to Yod Abyssinia. The neighbourhood seemed to be quite safe as well.

To be honest, the stay wasn’t perfect. I felt that there was some misrepresentation with regards to the availability of cable TV. Didn’t feel that the accommodation was value for money but I guessed that we might have to adjust our expectation here.


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