Brazil Pt XIV: Cost Summary

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Brazil was the most expensive country of the trip; we spent nearly 1300 SGD each for our 6 days there.

Brazil cost

Cost breakdown

Average cost/person/day: 72.92 SGD

Accommodation took up one-third of our cost in Brazil and it was mainly due to our accommodation in Rio. World Cup was the peak period and we were actually quite lucky to find a rather reasonably-priced place in a convenient neighbourhood.

Average cost/person/day: 51.94 SGD

The greatest expenditure was the World Cup ticket which was 175 USD each. Both Iguaçu National Park (49.52 BRL) and Christ the Redeemer (51 BRL) aren’t cheaper either and added to the activities’ cost.

Air ticket
We were lucky to get the domestic flight between IGU and GIG for 140 USD. World Cup was the peak travel period around Brazil and the price was more than doubled when I checked closer to the travel date.

Average cost/person/day: 25.90 SGD

Self-catering helped us save quite a bit of money and the places that we ate in weren’t particularly posh places. The food bill still came up to be almost 26 SGD per day though.

Average cost/person/day: 10.93 SGD

Relied on public transportation in Brazil mostly (bus in Foz do Iguaçu and metro in Rio) and we only took cabs to and from the airports.


Havaianas and bacalhaus!


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