Brazil Pt VIII: Cristo Redentor

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Christ the Redeemer

The Malaysian couple whom we met on the bus between Cuzco and Puno caught up with us in Rio and we arranged to visit the Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer together.

There were a few options to reach there; tram seemed to be the recommended way. However the tickets were sold out for the day that we were visiting and we decided that catching the bus from Largo do Machado metro station was the way to go.

While the ticket kiosk only opened at 9am, there was already a long queue formed up when we joined it at around 8.45am.

Queue to buy tickets

While waiting in the queue, our Malaysian friends were telling about their close shave the previous evening. They were almost mugged by a group of buys in the Cinelândia area but luckily they managed to make the run to a more crowded street. The policemen who were stationed there came to their rescue and escorted them back to their hotel after that. The experience kinda scarred them and I wasn’t surprised that they were hyper-vigilant about the surroundings from then on.

Front of the queue

The ticket and shuttle bus cost 51 BRL each and there was an option of paying with credit card.

After getting our tickets, we joined the queue for the shuttle bus which seemed to depart every 10-15 minutes. The ride up to would take almost 30 minutes and we were glad that we chose this option as there was minimal waiting (around 45 minutes at Largo do Machado) compared to the large queues at the tram station.

Rio below us

After getting off the bus and going through the ticket check, we would need to walk up a couple of escalators and stairs before reaching the platform. The platform was rather small and packed with visitors from all around the world, all trying to take photos of the statue.

Approach from behind the statue

The big guy



Patrick doing his best impression


High five

Perfect shirt for visit

The crowd


Sitting down gave you the best angle

Let me try…

Good visibility all round

More people are coming up


There wasn’t much to do/see beside taking photos and all of us were done in an hour. We were in the wrong shuttle bus queue for a while before realising that queue for the bus to Largo do Machado was much shorter. The ride back to Largo do Machado took around half an hour and we were done with the visit by noon.

Queuing up

The crowd kept getting bigger

Queue at Largo do Machado got longer too

We were glad that we chose to go by shuttle bus via Largo do Machado which shortened our waiting time considerably. For tourists who are staying at Copacabana, there’s an option of catching the shuttle buses from there.

Although Cristo Redentor was Rio’s landmark, this probably would be my only visit. There wasn’t anything interesting beside taking photographs of the statue and the entrance fee wasn’t cheap at 34 BRL. Since we had ticked it off our list, there are no incentives for us to visit it again.


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