Brazil Pt VII: Copacabana & FIFA Fan Fest

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After the walking tour and some shopping at downtown Rio, we hopped onto the metro and headed to Copacabana beach where FIFA Fan Fest in Rio was held.

Cardeal Arcoverde Station was the nearest station to the fan fest and the beach was three blocks away.


Welcome to Rio

Welcome to Copacabana Beach

Rio 2016

Although it was winter, it was warm enough to hit the beach.

Many vendors going around hawking their wares (taken next day)

Volleyball courts (taken next day)

Copacabana (taken next day)

Hmm… what were they shooting? (taken next day)

Beware of current (taken next day)

We would need to pass through the security to get inside the Fan Fest area and fortunately for us, the crowd wasn’t so bad on that day.

Entrance to FIFA Fan Fest

Other than catching the match, there were many pavilions set up by sponsors to provide freebies and entertainment for the fans.


Us lifting the cup

Queuing up for the short FIFA video narrated by Neymar Jr and Gerard Pique

Neymar Jr


Coca Cola pavilion

Temporary tattoo

Brazil of course

Flying fox sponsored by Sony – must be pretty lucky to get to try it

The game that decided if you could try the flying fox

For the kids

We caught the end of the exciting match between France and Switzerland before going around to check out more pavilions.

Happy to be there

Happy to be there

Not going to see this in Iran for sure

I’m a Brahma chopp

Ying’s a Brahma chopp too

FIFA Fan Experience

Trophy experience – didn’t go in due to the long queue

On our way out

We would revisit the fan fest again on our final night in Rio with our Airbnb host. It was much more crowded and I was glad that we had checked out the pavilions already. Portugal and USA played out an exciting 2-2 draw, ensuring qualification for the unfancied Americans.

Revisited it on our last night in Rio

Ying and I thoroughly enjoyed our experiences at the FIFA Fan Fest. While the criticism of it being overly commercialised was pretty valid, the atmosphere was still pretty awesome. It’s definitely something to be experienced first hand and it was the next-best alternative to catching a live match at the stadium.


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