Argentina Pt XXI: Cost Summary

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Argentina was where we spent the most time in and it was not surprising that we spent quite a bit in the country; each of us spent almost 1200 SGD each for our nine days there.

Cost breakdown

Cost breakdown

Air tickets
The biggest expenditure (35%) was due to the two domestic flights that we took. Considering the alternative was 20+ hours bus ride, we had no choice but to pay for them.

Average cost/person/day: 26.03 SGD

Average cost/person/day: 25.63 SGD

Food and accommodation costs were both pretty reasonable (around 20% each), considering the number of days we spent in the country. We ate and lived pretty well for the budget. Food cost was pulled up by our meal at La Brigada.

Average cost/person/day: 20.93 SGD

The bulk of the transportation was from our car rental around Salta. It wasn’t as cheap as in the US and we paid about 80 SGD per day for a basic car. Otherwise taxis and subte were generally affordable around Buenos Aires and the only thing that I felt overpaid for was the taxi from Iguazu airport to the national park.

Average cost/person/day: 9.94 SGD

We didn’t spend a lot on activities as most of them were affordable. The bicycle tour was probably the best-value-for-money; Iguazu probably the least due to the closure of the Garganta trail.


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