Argentina Pt XIX: 4M 4022 AEP-IGR

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After five nights in Buenos Aires, we were back at Aeroparque again for our early flight to Puerto Iguazú.

Like Delta at LAX, we had to check-in using the kiosks before we could drop our bags at the counters.


Check-in counters

We were too early when we got to the airside.


Our time was spent mainly on a pizzeria where we had breakfast and we were joined by the Malaysian couple whom we met on the bus between Cuzco and Puno.

Pizza place

We had taken slightly different routes since leaving Bolivia. While we traveled to Salta after San Pedro de Atacama, they flew to Easter Island and Santiago before arriving at Buenos Aires. Turned out that we were on the same flight to Puerto Iguazú and we arranged to meet again in Rio.

Coca Cola Ad


Strange to see a AR plane not at an aerobridge

Queuing up

No surprise that we would be boarding from a remote gate.

On the bus


Hi Captain


Flight: LAN Argentina 4M 4022
Depart: Buenos Aires Jorge Newbury (AEP) – 09:05
Arrive: Puerto Iguazú (IGR) – 10:55
Duration: 1h50m
Distance: 654 miles (1,052 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Registration: LV-BSJ
Seat: 6L

View from 6L

Our neighbour plane had the oneworld livery

Spotted a SOL Saab 340

Bye BA



Beside looking out at the Argentine countryside, I passed the time with the in-flight magazine.

Maradona vs Messi

Like the flight between Salta and Buenos Aires, snack box and drinks were distributed. We were still full from the pizza so we just saved them for later.

Snack boxes

Variety show on overhead screens

Outside the cabin

There were news about how rain had caused floods in northwestern Argentina and the neighbouring parts of Brazil and Paraguay and it was no surprise that we arrived at IGR in rather gloomy weather.

Gloomy at IGR

Funnily both gates at IGR had aerobridges and we were able to use them.



Something quite funny happened while we were waiting for our bags at the belt; there was a toddler who got up the belt and ran outside and his father had to go after him to get him back. Luckily the belt wasn’t moving at that time and everyone who saw the incident had a laugh.

Taxi fares to the various locations

Alternative was the 60 ARS bus to Puerto Iguazu

The two flights with LAN Argentina was pretty expensive at 315 USD but we had no choice but to fly due to our limited time in Argentina. Pretty unmemorable experiences but we did pick up some MH Enrich miles from them.


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