Argentina Pt XVI: Argentina vs Bosnia-Hercegovina

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Argentina kicked off its World Cup campaign with the match against Bosnia in Rio de Janeiro. Since we had no TV at our accommodation, we decided to catch it at the public screening at Plaza General San Martin.

We set off rather early, wanting to get a good location at the screening. After our experience the day before, we were well prepared. We brought along a mat, blanket, hot water and snacks to last us the night.

Arriving at Plaza General San Martin

The crowd was noticeably bigger than the day before.

Watching France’s 3-0 victory over Honduras

We found a cozy corner and started setting ourselves up.

Patrick’s excited again

All set up!

In the half an hour or so before the match began, more and more fans turned up.

Getting crowded

“Look, I’m on TV!”

I noticed that many people were holding clappers and found that they were given away for free. Got a couple of items to show our support for Argentina!

Super fan 1

Super fan 2

Cue Shakira’s song

I knew one of the pundits!

Half of Argentina were in Rio that night

Coming out of the tunnel

Pumped up before the National Anthem

Argentina got off to the dream start when Bosnia scored an own goal in the 3rd minute.


Despite the good start, Argentina didn’t impress. I thought that Bosnia did quite a good job in containing their opponents.

Messi doubled Argentina’s lead in the 65th minute and the place went wild again.

Replay of the 2nd goal

Bosnia’s consolation goal five minutes from the end dampened the mood slightly but most fans went home happy. We caught the train back to our accommodation and fans were singing on the platform as well as in the carriage.

Waiting for the next train – just before the singing started

One group of fans got kinda raucous on the carriage as they kept hitting the sides of the trains when they were singing. Fortunately there were two policemen on duty inside the carriage and those guys became calmer (kept singing though) after a few words between them.

It was a great experience watching the match in a public screening and thankfully Argentina won. The mood wouldn’t be so pleasant otherwise!


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