Argentina Pt XIV: Tombs & Tango

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Don’t cry for me Argentina

Our second day in Buenos Aires started with the Subte ride to General San Martín. Two reasons being there: the first was to check out the Plaza General San Martín where there was free public screening of World Cup matches.

General San Martin Station

General San Martin

Saw the arch – this was the right place

Buenos Aires Mundiale

Love this picture

The second reason was to purchase our ferry tickets to Colonia del Sacremento. The sales offices of the various ferry companies are located at Av Cordoba and Galerías Pacífico was nearby.

Galerías Pacífico



Jorge Luis Borges Cultural Centre is located inside Galerías Pacífico and there are regular tango performances. We were unwilling to pay for the pricey (and touristy) tango shows so we decided to catch the evening performance at the Cultural Centre instead. Our seats in row 4 cost 200 ARS each.

Bien de Tango II

We walked a bit through Calle Florida, the main shopping street of Buenos Aires before finding lunch and making our way to Recoleta.

Crossing Av 9 de Julio – Evita shouting towards the North

La Recoleta Cemetery was probably the only cemetery that I had visited as a tourist attraction.

It was best known as the final resting place of Eva Perón. There were a lot more famous people who were buried there as well but to be honest none of their names rang a bell to me. But I did recognise some of the street names (e.g. Lavalle, Hipólito Yrigoyen, etc).


Jesus Christ

Many of the tombs were really elaborate. Showed how wealthy/influential these people had been while they were alive.

La Recoleta

La Recoleta

La Recoleta


We weren’t the only tourists



Gate’s needed

Jewish tomb?

And of course we had to see Evita’s.

Duarte’s family


We probably spent around 40 minutes or so walking around inside. I didn’t find the cemetery interesting but I guessed most first-time visitors to Buenos Aires would visit it.

There was a community centre beside the cemetery and there were several exhibitions. We thought they were way cooler than the tombs.

I’m 100% sure that this exhibition was a retrospective of last 10 years of Personal Fest

Posters of the event over the years

Relive the event through music

There were big names


The other exhibition: Early Stones

Pictures from Michael Cooper


Setting up for performance

Groupie pic

Part of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts

We made our way back to Plaza General San Martin where the live screening of matches were. We caught a bit of England-Italy match before going for the tango performance at Jorge Luis Borges Cultural Centre.

Where’s my neck!?

Caught on camera

England vs Italy from Manaus

Shortly after we left, the two teams scored in quick succession. Turned out that we were a bit early for the performance.

While waiting…

The dancing was pretty awesome and the live band was really good too. I was glad that I watched a tango performance but to be honest it wasn’t something that I would return to. I guess that I am not so cultural after all.


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