Argentina Pt XI: 4M 4113 SLA-AEP

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LA 4113 SLA – AEP

It was a cold morning when we said our farewell to Fernando and his family and made our way to Salta Airport.

The staff at Hertz was happy to see us bringing the car back and I asked him how old my rental car was. I got a shock when he told me that the car was only a year old. It had already done 100,000 km!

As mentioned earlier, our original flight LA 4111 was canceled and we were shifted to LA 4113 which departed at 3.05pm. It meant that we had more than five hours to wait at the airport.

Salta Airport


Salta Airport clearly isn’t a really busy one. Most of the flights are to Buenos Aires with limited flights to Mendoza or Puerto Iguazu. The only international flight is operated by Boliviana de Aviación to Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

We were contemplating going to Salta city centre for a few hours before returning but the fog outside dampened our enthusiasm to venture out. Ended up at the Airport cafe which turned out to be rather decent.

Our second breakfast/early lunch

World Cup fever’s raging in Argentina

Check-in opens around two hours before the flight and we went down to check our bags.


We spent quite a bit of time in the check-in counter as the staff experienced issues in changing the frequent flyer programme from British Airways Executive Club to Malaysia Airlines Enrich. I didn’t like the attitude of the staff who weren’t too helpful in trying to get the issue settled. They asked me to do a retroactive claim instead and I had to insist that they resolved problem there and then.

Posters of missing people

After going through the security, we waited for a while at the holding area. Boarding would be done in groups and being in row 1 to 10 meant that we were among the last ones to board.




Ground staff hard at work

Flight: LAN Argentina 4M 4113
Depart: Salta (SLA) – 15:10
Arrive: Buenos Aires Jorge Newbury (AEP) – 17:14
Duration: 2h4m
Distance: 793 miles (1,276 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Registration: LV-BOI
Seat: 4A

Dirty window


Happy to sit near to the front

Taxiing to runway

I got a pretty great view of Salta during take-off.

Goodbye NW Argentina

Salta from the sky

Like on all flights, I rummaged through the seat pocket content.

Inflight magazine and safety information card

The inflight magazine was pretty interesting to read.

Football-themed restaurants in Milan

Write-up on Boca Juniors

How to grill the perfect beef

The ads inside were pretty interesting too.

Miami Airport

Interesting that the ad was entirely in English

The picture was just too hilarious

Snack box

Catered by Havanna (Apparently a famous brand in Argentina)

Argentina is a huge country and seeing it from the sky probably doesn’t do it justice.

Lake with interesting shape


Descending into a rainy Buenos Aires

It was raining rather heavily when we landed at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP), the main domestic airport in Buenos Aires.

Tango 01 – Argentine president’s aircraft

In 2013, the Argentine authorities actually ordered the eviction of LAN from its hangar at AEP in a bid to help the state-owned Aerolineas Argentinas . Eventually the courts ruled that the move was unlawful but LAN Argentina remained sidelined.

For instance, the Aerolineas planes could get gates with aerobridges while LAN customers had to board through remote gates.

Parked at terminal

Exiled to remote gates


Had to thank Argentina’s government for allowing us to disembark into the rain

The bus dropped us to the terminal and we followed the signs to the baggage claim.

Welcome to AEP

Had to thank Argentina’s government for allowing us to disembark into the rain

Some statistics

After getting our bags, we decided to follow the other passengers and joined the rather long taxi queue outside the terminal. It took us quite a while to get to the front of the queue and I passed 5 pesos to the guy facilitating the queue for helping us with our bags in the rain.


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