Argentina Pt X: Ruta 68

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Cruising on Ruta 68

Ruta 68 is the main road between Cafayate and Salta and we would be using it on the final day of the road trip.

It was already after 3pm when we got out of Piattelli Vineyard and we would have around 3.5 hours to cover the 190km between Cafayate to Salta.

Driving out of Piattelli

The roads were all paved so it shouldn’t be an issue reaching Salta before dark.

Blissful drive

Ruta 68 passes through Quebrada de las Conchas, one of the valleys within Calchaquí Valley. The map provided by Hotel Killa indicated a few good viewpoints along the route.

Entering Quebrada de las Conchas after a short drive from Cafayate

One of the viewpoints

Close up

Gorgeous day for driving

More canyon

Quebrada de las Conchas

Descent ahead

Enjoying the road trip

The rather low speed limit

Love the colors

We followed the turn-off to El Anfiteatro, one of the views along the route.



El Anfiteatro

Ying modelling

Reminded me of Petra

More amazing colors

Near the end of Quebrada

The road flattened out after leaving Quebrada de las Conchas

One thing to note that driving towards Salta on Ruta 68 in late afternoon meant that the sun would be in the driver’s eyes. I had to use the sun visor so that I would be blinded by the sun.

Moon was up = had to hurry

We wasted some time after making a wrong turn in El Carril but we still managed to reach Salta just before it became dark.

After getting some groceries at the supermarket, we went to the petrol station to top up our tank for the only time of the trip.

430 ARS for 36 litres

Our Chevrolet Classic was really efficient. We did almost 600km and its fuel economy was around 16km per litre.

Some things to take note while driving in NW Argentina:-

  1. Headlights must be switched on at all times.
  2. Google Maps are pretty accurate.
  3. Petrol stations are far and in between. However, the full tank lasted me the whole trip so I only had to top up back in Salta.
  4. We could get reception/mobile internet connection on our Movistar SIM card except for the most remote of places.

The three-day road trip was really enjoyable with great scenery, nice accommodation and awesome food and wine. I wouldn’t mind going back there for a road trip again!



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