Argentina Pt IX: Piattelli Vineyard

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On the final day of our road trip, we set off for Piattelli Vineyards which is located just outside Cafayate. Apparently, it is one of the nicer vineyards to visit in the area and the friendly staff at Hotel Killa recommended it as well.

Driving there



No grapes in winter

I had to say the setting was really pretty.

View from the carpark

The other direction

The buildings and landscaping were also very beautiful.

Me at the entrance



Looking down at the vineyards

At the reception, we were told that there would not be any English tour that day as the guide was sick. However we were free to explore the place on our own.

Walking around

Winter = no grapes

Giant cactus

Since there wasn’t much to explore, we decided to relax in the restaurant instead. It oozed class.

Entrance to the restaurant

We chose to sit outdoor, overlooking the vineyard.

Outdoor sitting




The kitchen wouldn’t be opened until 12.30pm and we ordered a drink while waiting.


Ying had a glass of red wine while I just stuck to Coca Cola. Outdoor seating had its drawbacks. An insect flew into my half-drank bottle of coke and to the restaurant’s credit, they replaced it with a new bottle without any hesitation.

Finally the chef was in the kitchen and we could have our lunch.

Salad shared between us

Mushroom pasta

Any trip to Argentina is incomplete without steak – two thumbs up from Ying

Couldn’t resist dessert even if we were full

The Singaporean students whom we had met earlier in SPA and Salta happened to come here for lunch as well. All of us agreed that Argentina was definitely more value-for-money compared to Chile. The meal that we had at Piattelli cost us only 370 ARS (tips included) and a similar meal in Singapore would be easily double of that.

Unlike many touristy places around the world, South America is still relatively free of Chinese tourists. However, there was a group of Chinese men who happened to visit Piattelli at the same time as us. There were probably more Asians than Argentinians that afternoon at the restaurant.

After the meal, we did some shopping at the souvenir shop. Got a bottle of wine for our Airbnb host as well as a nice map of all the different wine regions in the world before heading back to Salta via Ruta 68.


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