Bolivia Pt VI: Cost Summary

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We had four days in Bolivia (two in La Paz and another two in/around Salar de Uyuni) and spent a total of around 600 SGD each.

Cost breakdown

Cost/person: 71.65 SGD

We got the Bolivian visa on arrival at Kasani (55 USD) and had to pay the stamping fee of 15 BOB (<3 SGD) when we exited to Chile.

Average cost/person/day: 31.75 SGD

The only paid accommodation was at LANDSCAPE B&B Home where we stayed for two nights (64 SGD per night).

Air ticket
Cost/person: 173.17 SGD

The Amaszonas flight between La Paz and Uyuni cost us 173.17 SGD each.

Average cost/person: 10.64 SGD

Our paid transportation was limited to taxis around La Paz and to and from the airports (La Paz and Uyuni).

Average cost/person/day: 4.60 SGD

Our food cost were really low because the meals were included in the Salar de Uyuni tour. We also self-catered when we were staying at LANDSCAPE B&B Home.

Average cost/person: 270.40 SGD

Our 3d/2n Salar de Uyuni tour (1,200 BOB) was the biggest expenditure in the Bolivian part of the journey (44%). Food, transport and accommodation were included though. Our tips to guides and admission charges also contributed to this category.

Average cost/person: 3.00 SGD

Shower and use of toilets.


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