USA Pt VII: Cost Summary

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We had three days in Los Angeles and spent a total of 760 USD (or 477.02 SGD each).

Cost breakdown

Cost/person: 14 USD or 17.54 SGD

Singaporeans are eligible for the US visa-waiver programme but we were required to apply for ESTA (14 USD). We applied for ours a month before departure and were approved immediately.

Average cost/person/day: 51.20 USD or 64.16 SGD

Like in Japan, accommodation was our single biggest expenditure. My friend K got me a really good rate (92 USD/night) at Holiday Inn Express West Los Angeles with breakfast included.

Average cost/person/day: 29.56 USD or 37.05 SGD

Our transport for our time in LA was a Toyota Yaris from Hertz. Rental was 116.80 USD for three days and gas was 31.10 USD. The remainder (27.50 USD) were spent on parking.

Average cost/person/day: 13.81 USD or 17.30 SGD

Breakfast was provided at our accommodation so we only had to spend on lunches and dinners. There were a few meals which we skipped because we weren’t hungry. My friend K also gave us a treat when we met, further lowering our food cost. The most expensive meal was at True Food where we spent around 25 USD each.

Average cost/person/day: 24.16 USD or 90.83 SGD

Warner Brothers VIP Tour (58.50 USD each) and the baseball game between LA Angels and KC Royals (14 USD each) were the only attractions/activities that we had to pay. Most of the places that we went to had no admission fee (Hollywood, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Santa Monica).

T-mobile SIM card with three days’ worth of data cost us 20.90 USD.


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