Japan Pt V: Cost Summary

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We were in Tokyo for around 20 hours and spent a total of 18,500 JPY (or 114 SGD each).

Cost breakdown

Average cost/person/day: 40.76 SGD

35.7% or 6,600 JPY was spent on our night at Hotel MyStays Inaricho and was the biggest expenditure for this leg of the trip.

Average cost/person/day: 27.91 SGD

We spent 2,260 JPY each on public transport for our airport transfers and traveling around Tokyo, making it the second biggest expenditure. Tokyo’s public transportation isn’t the cheapest and our train to Narita Airport was already 1,030 JPY.

Average cost/person/day: 23.54 SGD

The only paid meal that we had in Tokyo was the disappointing sushi lunch at Tsukiji market. We also bought some chocolates at a supermarket and we spent around 1,900 JPY each in total. We saved on dinner by eating at the ANA Business Lounge before our flight to LAX.

Average cost/person/day: 21.24 SGD

Technically these were foodstuff such as Kitkat and most of which were bought as gifts for my friend K in US.

We bought an incense at Asakusa Temple for 50 JPY.


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