Argentina Pt VI: Ruta 40

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Bumpy Ruta 40

After the nice breakfast at Hosteria Villa Cardon, we were back in our rental and headed south on Ruta 40, the longest route in Argentina at 5524km.

We would be on around 150km of it between Cachi and Cafayate, the second stop of our road trip.

Honestly I didn’t know what we were getting into until we got gong. The relatively nice road out of Cachi turned into dirt track once we got out of it.

Outside Cachi

Kicked up a dust wherever we went

While the driving wasn’t especially tough, the bumpy roads did have an impact on our rears.

Driving along the river

Turn-off for Molinos, 40km from Cachi

Another 110km to Cafayate

I wouldn’t want to drive on this road during the rainy season

Blind corner


Cultivated land below us

Going through a village

More rocks

Human settlement

We were flagged down by a hitchhiking policeman around half-way through our journey and we decided to give the him a lift to Cafayate. We couldn’t communicate much though because our Spanish was non-existent.

Wefie with the hitchhiker hidden

Even more rocks

Left turn

Quebrada de las Flechas ahead

Impressive landforms


Had to concentrate on the road though

Driving through

Driving through

Quebrada de las Flechas

Quebrada de las Flechas

Crossing the bridge

More landforms

More landforms

Blue sky

Dead tree

We finally hit tarmac just before San Carlos, around 30km away from Cafayate. Really appreciate the smoother ride.


Driving through San Carlos

Blue sky, great road, nothing to complain

Vineyards by the side of the road

Off season

Vineyards on both sides of the roads

Three hours after leaving Cachi, Cafayate

We dropped off the hitchhiker at the plaza before going around to find Hotel Killa, our accommodation in Cafayate.

We only stopped three times en-route:-

1. Some dogs suddenly dashed out of the road
2. We hit some huge stone in the middle road
3. Pick up the hitchhiking policeman.

The sector between Cachi and Cafayate was a much tougher drive compared to the previous day’s one from Salta to Cachi. Only around 30km out of the 150km were on tarmac road so it was a bumpy ride for 80% of the journey. I didn’t notice any petrol station between the two towns so it would be wise to stock up on fuel before setting off.


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