Argentina Pt V: Cachi & Ashpamanta

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We had some daylight to explore Cachi after we had settled down at Hosteria Villa Cardon.

It was a small and relaxed place; it didn’t take long for us to finish with our stroll through the town.

End of the road



Arches in the town square

Bust of General Jose de San Martin



Tourist office – the staff seemed surprised to see us. We got a map which guided me out of the town the next morning

School gate

Cathedral – omnipresent in all South American towns

Police station

Row of shop – only one was open

Sleepy town

Cachi’s top restaurant on Tripadvisor was Ashpamanta and Ying and I were set on having dinner there.

Not open until 7.30pm

Took photos when there were still light

We returned to the restaurant at 7.30pm and were the first customers. It was a cozy place ran by a couple and it had a total capacity of less than 20 people.

Bar and open kitchen

Bread, cheese and olives

We also had our first taste of Torrontes, a type of white wine produced only in Argentina. Pretty palatable in my opinion.

Don David 2013 from El Esteco

Wine with bread

Shared an empanada or South America curry puff between the two of us

My quinoa risotto

Ying’s ravioli

Although they were vegetarian, the dishes were flavorful and both of us walked out full and satisfied. The Torrontes went down well with the food too. Perhaps due to the altitude, I got a little tipsy after finishing the bottle.

I was glad that I made the drive to Cachi. While it wasn’t the most exciting place in the world, it was still a pleasant place. The great food and awesome accommdation definitely made our trek there worthwhile.


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