Argentina Pt III: Salta to Cachi

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Calchaquí Valley, Salta

Our three day road trip began with the drive from Salta to Cachi, a small town in the Calchaquí Valley.

We had read the excellent post written by Andrew Forbes about his own road trip in the region and our route would be the exact replica of his in the opposite direction.

Out of Salta

Hills to our west


After driving around 30km on Ruta 68, we made a right turn into Ruta 33. I was quite apprehensive as the road condition on Ruta 33 was said to be worse than Ruta 68’s. Luckily it didn’t seem the case.

Near Chicoana

Stuck behind the bus

Map for tourists


Until here.

Bumpy stretch

Crossing the bridge

Luckily this stretch of bad roads didn’t last long and we were back on tarmac again.

Nice road with no car = stress-free drive

Hosteria El Maray – we didn’t stop but it looked like a good place to rest during the drive

Another stretch of bad road

Beautiful hills

Whose cows?


Twisty and windy up the hills

The scenery was so nice that we decided to stop and take some photos.

Me with Pat

Halfway up the switchbacks


At the end of the winding road was Piedra Molino, the highest point of the road at 3457m.

Piedra Molino


3457m high


Beside the chapel

Ying wanted a picture with the car

It was also the entrance to Los Cardones National Park, famous for the giant cacti.

Awesome road

Llama ahead

Saw only donkeys though

Giant cacti

Looking back

End of Ruta 33 – we would turn into Ruta 44 towards Cachi at the foot of the cliff

Moonwalking cow

We arrived in Cachi around 4 hours after leaving Salta. The roads weren’t as tough as I thought that they would be and I enjoyed the drive.

Cachi lies on the other side of the bridge

After our arrival, it took us some time to find where Hosteria Villa Cardon was. It was easily one of the best accommodation of our time in South America.



  1. Thanks for the link, that’s kind of you. Wow, what a RTW trip you are doing – amazing. I loved our time in Latin America and especially our roadtrip in Salta. !Buen viaje!

    • It’s my pleasure. Your posts were very informative and helped us a lot in the planning. 🙂

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