Chile Pt II: San Pedro de Atacama

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San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

While we spent quite a lot of time resting at our accommodation recovering from the Salar de Uyuni tour, having three days in the area meant that we had more than sufficient time to explore the town and its surrounding sights.

The main street of Caracoles was where most of the tourist-centered businesses were located. Travel agencies, restaurants and hostels were very visible around the area. It probably took one around 10 minutes to walk from one end to another.

Our first day at San Pedro de Atacama (SPA) was mainly spent on settling administrative stuff. We would need to get some Chilean pesos (CLP) and there were many casa de cambios around Caracoles.

Casa de cambios

We randomly picked one of them and exchanged 300 USD’s worth of CLP. The rate was 552 CLP to 1 USD and we also exchanged our remaining Bolivianos for CLP (75 CLP to 1 BOB). We would exchange another 200 USD’s worth of CLP two days later at a better rate of 554 CLP per 1 USD.

Then there was an important matter of lunch. Cafe Adobe was one of the top-rated restaurants in SPA and its set lunch was pretty good value.

Cafe Adobe – not very busy on a Thursday afternoon

Bread and salsa

Choice between this ham and cheese appetizer…

… or mushroom soup

Grilled salmon as main

Creme brulee

The total bill came up to be 18,000 CLP (around S$40), which was pretty good value for the three course meal. We were so full that we skipped dinner that night.

After lunch, we asked for directions to the bus station which was actually pretty near to our accommodation. We would pick up our bus tickets to Salta and retired back to our room to rest for the day.

The road to the bus station

Day 2 was spent cycling at Valle de la Luna while we went on a tour to El Tatio Geyser on day 3 and we were done with it by early afternoon. Took some pictures of the town on our way back to our accommodation from lunch on day 3.

Market where we bought some bananas

Walking in the direction of our accommodation

School which we kept walking past

We finally remembered to take pictures of our scrabble set on the final evening of our stay in SPA and we set out to take them.

For rent

Stopped by Babalu Heladeria for some ice-cream.

All the different flavors

Ice-cream cone (3200 CLP)

Finally the picture.

San Pedro de Atacama

On hindsight, we should have taken them during our excursions.


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