Peru Pt XIII: Puno

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Plaza de Armas, Puno

After our Uros Island tour, the bus dropped us back at Plaza de Armas. Somehow we couldn’t find the way back to our hotel and we wandered around the square for quite a while.

Old friends

Thankfully we came across an iPeru, the tourist information office off Plaza de Armas. A helpful staff who spoke pretty good English gave us a city map and pointed us the way back. When prompted, she also gave us some recommendations on where to have seafood lunch.

We decided on Cervicheria Mareas, located halfway between Plaza de Armas and our accommodation.

Cervicheria Mareas

While the exterior didn’t look impressive, the inside was actually pretty nice.

Inside Cervicheria Mareas

It was a locals-only place and and all the tables were filled. They must be doing something right.

Somehow we managed to decipher the Spanish-only menu and ordered our food.

Half a dozen mussels


Fish and chips Peruvian style

The mussels were really fresh and we loved the onions and garlic which came with it. The cerviche and the fish were very nice too. We only paid 38 PEN (~14 USD) for the awesome meal and we left the place full and satisfied.

Awesome recommendation from the iPeru staff!

After lunch, we went back to our hotel to rest and we didn’t emerge until it wasn’t as hot. We went out to exchange some more money (50 USD for 137.5 PEN) and just walked around town after that.

Puno – Capital of Peruvian Foklore

Pedestrianised street of Jr. Lima

Sky blue and white


We came across a small sports hall and some girls were having a competitive match. We ended up spending some time catching the action.

Volleyball match

Mural of Uros Island

There was a football competition down the road but sadly the action was over when we arrived.

Football competition down the road

The market outside was already winding down when we were walking through it. There wasn’t much to see and soon we were our way back.

Market – taken earlier while on the way to jetty

Puno or Buenos Aires?

To be honest, Puno isn’t a very interesting place. It’s just a base to visit the islands on Lake Titicaca and one full day there was more than enough for us. Next stop: Bolivia!


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