Peru Pt XII: Uros Island

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Isla Flotante Los Uros

We signed up for a half-day Uros Island tour (20 PEN each) with our hotel and the tour operator came to pick us up from the hotel at 9am. We had to walk to Plaza de Armas to board the bus and it would pick up a few more tour participants before driving the short distance to the jetty.

Plaza de Armas

Ticket price to Uros

Ticket counter

We didn’t need to do anything except to follow our guide.

At the jetty

Lake Titicaca

It was a 30 minute ride to the island and our guide gave us an overview of the history and taught us some Aymara greeting en-route.

Guide spoke in both Spanish and English

Enjoying the ride

Reeds – essential for the islanders’ survival

First of the 42 islands that we saw

There was a checkpoint at the entrance to the islands where there was a small admission fee (included in the tour) to be paid.


Our guide told us that there was a schedule for the different islands to receive tourists so that benefits would be spread among the islanders evenly.

The islanders preparing to welcome us

The islanders greeted us warmly as we disembarked from our ferry. We strolled around for a while by ourselves and took a few pictures.

Islanders’ houses – connected to the world through TV

Cute girl

Boat made from reed – these boats are used only by tourists now

Then our guide started his explanation about the islands and the islanders’ lives.

Setting the stage

Listening to the explanation

Preparing the reeds for the next layer of the island

Along with reeds, fish is the staple of the locals

Our guide told us that our foreign stomachs wouldn’t be able to take the reeds offered by the islanders. If we were offered any, we shouldn’t consume them and should just hand over to him.

Handicrafts made of reeds

After the explanation, we had some time to browse through the items put up for sale by the islanders. Ying was suckered in because of the cute girls.

Introducing Patrick

Pretty eyes

Acting cute


Ying playing with the girls

Playing by herself

After getting a cushion cover, Ying and I took turn going up the big bird.

Bird made of reeds


Bird eye’s view

The next island

After spending around an hour on the island, we moved on to the “capital” of the Uros. Some from our tour group took up the offer of getting there by the reed boat.

Bidding farewell

There was a shop selling food and drinks at the main island of Utama and we could get a stamp of Lake Titicaca inside our passports for 1 PEN.


Flags left behind by visitors on the main island – China wouldn’t be too happy

Fishes were reared inside the ponds

Peruvian coast guards paying a visit

We didn’t linger long at Utama and we were back on the mainland by around 12pm.

The boat that brought us to Uros Island

The sight of algae around the jetty was pretty scary

The tour ended with the bus dropping us at Plaza de Armas. I thought that the length of the tour just nice and our guide was pretty informative. For 20 PEN (9.25 SGD), the tour was pretty value for money. However I doubt that the longer trip to Taquile or Amantani would be as appealing to us.


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