Peru Pt VII: Aguas Calientes

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Aguas Calientes

The shuttle bus dropped us back at Aguas Calientes, near where we boarded the bus earlier in the morning.

Shuttle bus


The first thing that we did was to buy a big bottle of water to hydrate ourselves. We had long exhausted our supply of water on our hike up Huayna Picchu and quenching our thirst was the priority when we reached Aguas Calientes.

After getting hydrated, we took a walk along the train tracks.

Local kids playing along the tracks

Train station for the local trains – foreigners are prohibited from riding them

Police station

Train passing through

We somehow found ourselves at the town’s main square.



There was a kindergarten round the corner and the pictures drawn by the students were displayed on the wall outside it.


Drawn by 3 year-olds

By 4 year-olds

By 5 year-olds

It was apparent that the only economic activity in the town was tourism. Almost every business is a hotel, souvenir shop or a restaurant.

Street of AC

Street of AC

There was also a fair bit of touting as well; we were persuaded to have our dinner at one of the restaurants where the staff promised to throw in free pisco sours.

People watching while waiting for our food

Our dinner – trout for me and alpaca steak for Ying (20 PEN each)

The food wasn’t top quality and Ying complained about how tough her steak was. My fish was better though.

With the dinner out of the way, we spent some time walking through the souvenir shops outside the train station. It seemed that the prices there were quite steep and we would find cheaper souvenirs in Cusco.

Train Station

Flood evacuation route

Train: PeruRail Expedition 84
Depart: Machu Picchu Pueblo โ€“ 18:45
Arrive: Ollantaytambo โ€“ 20:15
Duration: 1h40m
Seat: 52

The train back to Ollantaytambo was similar to the one that we had in the morning. A snack and drink were offered.

Tea and biscuits

After all the passengers had disembarked

After a short auto rickshaw ride, we were back at our accommodation. Both of us were happy to get a good rest after a long day out.


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