Peru Pt I: DL 151 ATL – LIM

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Boeing 767-300ER (N-153DL)

Flight: Delta Airlines DL 151
Depart: Atlanta (ATL) – 17:34
Arrive: Lima (LIM) – 23:20
Duration: 6h16m
Distance: 3195 miles (5142 km)
Aircraft: Boeing B767-300ER
Registration: N-153DL
Seat: 34A

Although my both flights on Delta was on the same aircraft type (Boeing 767-300), the ER-version for the second flight seemed to be much nicer. The seats were different and complimentary earphones were provided.

Even Patrick agreed

The screen resolution seemed sharper too.


I was surprised that the crew came around to distribute sleeping masks.

Amenity kit

Seat pocket content

It wasn’t hard to tell that ATL is a Delta hub.

Delta everywhere

Not that you have much of a choice if you’re based in ATL

AF – DL’s SkyTeam partner

Nice ad

Before take-off, the crew made an announcement in both English and Spanish about a team of volunteers were going to rural Peru to install water filters. There was a round of polite applause at the end of each version.

Took off

Visibility was quite good over Georgia and Florida and I snapped quite a few pictures of the ground.


Wonder what town it was

Spotted an airport


Crop circle?

Flight map

Flight details

About half an hour into the flight, the crew started its first service. Peruvian immigration/customs forms were distributed followed by snacks and drinks.

Welcome to Peru

Salted peanuts and orange juice

I also started to check out the IFE which was complimentary for passengers on international flights.


I was honestly impressed with the amount of movies options offered by Delta. I would end up watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty first.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Meanwhile we were leaving mainland US.

Flying over Key West

Byebye USA

It took our plane only 15 minutes to reach Cuban coast.


It was also where we hit turbulence.

Taken before Cuba disappeared under the clouds

The turbulence wasn’t really serious though and it cleared up after we passed Cuba. The crew would start serving the meals soon after.

The crew who was serving our meals noticed my Liverpool jersey and started chatting with us. She turned out to be a Liverpool fan too and she lamented how close we were to the title the previous season. After knowing that we were from Singapore, she told us that her kid was in Malaysia/Singapore for some cultural exchange program and he loved it there.

My pasta

Ying’s rice

The meal wasn’t as good as the service though. I finished my main course but left the dessert untouched. Ying’s choice of rice was better in my memory.

By the end of the dinner service, there was a lovely sunset outside my window.


There was time for one more movie and I chose to watch a Mandarin one: American Dreams in China. It was honestly better than I thought it would be although I was sure that critics would pan it as too nationalistic. The irony of watching it on an US carrier wasn’t lost on me.

Cabin shot

It caught me by surprise when the crew distributed a snack pack around 45 minutes before landing. Totally unexpected as I thought that there was only one meal service on the flight.

Cookies, bun and banana

Despite the flight being above my expectations, economy class was still economy class though and six and a half hours wasn’t a short time to spend in a Y seat. I was glad when I saw this on the flight map.

Almost there

Landed at LIM

We would have plenty of time to connect to our flight to Cusco.


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