USA Pt X: Driving in LA

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Rush hour in LA

Driving in LA is a bitch.

If I do 90 km/h on Singapore’s expressways, I found myself on the extreme right lane. If I did 60 mph in LA, I was on the extreme right lane too.

Except that it was the slowest lane.

The drivers in LA are aggressive and I observed that abrupt lane-changing is the norm. And there was the rush hour traffic jam.

Painful crawl

Still crawling

Outside the expressways weren’t any better. The roads were hilly and full of traffic lights, making traveling along them slow and tiring.

Enjoying the drive. NOT!

Didn’t have any run-in with the law except that a Policeman on motorcycle motioned me to wind down my window in Santa Monica. Apparently I didn’t stop at the crossing (I swore that I didn’t notice any) but he let me off with a warning. Guess that he was used to seeing clueless Asians driving around there.

And there was parking. It was either difficult to find affordable roadside parking or expensive to park in private carparks.

The good thing was that petrol (or gas) was cheap. We paid 4.11 USD per gallon which was equivalent to around 1.40 SGD per litre. Petrol of a comparable grade retailed at 2.20 SGD per litre in Singapore. And apparently California is one of the states with high petrol price. I was sure that many Americans would get a shock if they know how much the rest of the world are paying for their petrol.

In all, I covered around 200 miles over three days, a distance that I didn’t expect. That’s 320km and I didn’t know how I managed that. We probably spent several hours in the car each day and generally it was a stressful driving experience.

I would take an efficient public transportation system over having a car any day.


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