USA Pt VII: Walt Disney Concert Hall (& environs)

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Walt Disney Concert Hall

Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall is on Ying’s list of places-to-visit since she learned about it during her previous life as an architecture student. Getting there wasn’t difficult; it was a smooth 30 minute drive on a cloudy Saturday morning.

We parked our car several blocks away at a private carpark close to the Pershing Square metro station. On hindsight we could have parked our car at the roadside parking nearer to the concert hall.

Per entry rate of 7 USD

The walk to the concert hall probably took us 20 minutes or so as we often stopped to take snapshots of interesting buildings along the way.

(Rumored to be haunted) Millennium Blitmore

Interesting artwork on the building exterior

Artwork along S Grand Ave

Took me some time to figure out what’s ‘Ped Xing’

When we reached the concert hall, we spent another twenty minutes taking photographs of its distinct architecture.

Home of LA Phil

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Done with the pictures outside, we went inside the building. Unlike cool metallic exterior, the inside of the building has a warm feeling from the use of wood and its color scheme.

Pillars at the entrance

We easily located the counter where we could loan out the audio tour devices and got one each in exchange for my photo ID. Apparently there was an option for a (free?) guided tour but we decided that we would prefer to explore at our own pace.

Audio tour counter


The tour took us from the ground floor to the upper level and then out to the garden before returning to where we started. Many people connected to the project were interviewed and I learned something or two about the inspiration behind the building.

Natural light coming in

Donors’ Wall

Frank Gehry


Names of donors etched on the ground

Noticed the crane with the flag


The iconic exterior

It took us around an hour to finish with the audio tour and we took a slightly different route (via MOCA) back to our car.

Nice sign

Sculpture outside MOCA

We also passed by Angel’s Flight, the landmark funicular railway in LA.

Angel’s Flight Railway station

Short track

Commemorative plaque

Sadly its operation was suspended and there was imminent plan to restart it.

We also got to see democracy in action near where we parked.

No idea what the protest was about…


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