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SQ 12 at NRT

Instead of following the people ahead of us, we took the right turn for SQ A380’s upper deck.

Right turn πŸ™‚

Flight: Singapore Airlines SQ 12
Depart: Tokyo Narita (NRT) – 19:15
Arrive: Los Angeles (LAX) – 13:30
Duration: 10h15m
Distance: 5451 miles (8773 km)
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Registration: 9V-SKP
Seat: 14D

Although this wasn’t our first time on an A380, we were still excited as we would be on the upper deck for the first time. No window seat for me this flight as all of them are singles.

I settled into my seat 14D and went about rummaging through the seat pocket content.

Lots of stuff

The crew confirmed with me my post-take off drink and my BTC meal and I was left to enjoy the ambiance.

Figuring the handset

Like my previous flight on A380, the take-off was really smooth and quiet. Despite its look, I am liking this plane.

Taking off

I was checking the entertainment system when I came across a familiar movie:-

Go Michelle

Glad to know that SQ is supporting local movies too.

The meal service started around half an hour or so after take-off and it was started off with satays.

The peanut sauce was so yummy

Starter was marinated scallop with mango salsa and mesclun.

Scallops were yummy too

Garlic bread and bread stick

Both of us utilized the Book-the-Cook (BTC) option; I went with unagi and Ying chose chirashi sushi.

My unagi

Her chirashi sushi

My unagi was flavorful but I was too full from eating earlier at the lounge. I ate only part of the unagi and left the rice pretty much untouched. Ying told me that her chirashi sushi beat the sushi that we had in Tsukiji hands down.

Both of us abstained from the desserts and cheese and made our bed once the meal service was ended. Despite the slightly warm cabin, I still managed several hours of rest and woke up an hour before breakfast service commenced.

Flowers in bathroom

Amenities in bathroom

Was the flower petal intentional?

Before they got busy, I managed to convince one of the cabin crew to give me a set of SQ teddies.

SQ bears for Ying’s collection

Back in my seat, I decided to check out more of the IFE and found an interesting episode of Invite Mr Wright.

Invite Mr Wright

I had watched Ian Wright’s travelogues since my school days and I even ran into him once (at CMB). He was friendly and agreed readily to our request for photograph.

In this episode, he was invited to fly SQ Business Class on the A380 between London and Sydney via Singapore and en-route he joined in the crew training and visited the kitchen which supplied SQ’s food in the air. He also had the enviable (first world) problem of deciding which champagne was better, Dom Perignon or Krug. Tough life, isn’t it?

Apt program to watch since I’m on the A380 too

Breakfast was served around two hours before landing. Fruits were first served and the crew went around with a bread basket.


One croissant would do

I had ordered a seafood meal and got an omelette.

So-so in my opinion

Ying’s fish felt more like the seafood meal.

Fish for breakfast

The crew started preparing for landing soon after breakfast service was completed. It was a clear day at LAX and we landed half an hour ahead of schedule. However, the assigned gate was still occupied by a CX plane and we had to wait for quite a while before we got to the gate.

Ying’s friends would be taking the plane that we were on back to Singapore (via NRT) and she spotted them in the Departure area while we were taking the escalator down to the Immigration. What a coincidence.

The CBP officer asked us some cursory questions at the Immigration control and informed that we would need to fill in separate customs form as Ying and I were not married yet. He gave her an unused customs form in Spanish which she had to fill in and we were soon stamped into land of the free (and the home of the brave).

Welcome to Los Angeles


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